Job Description:

Miami, Florida.  Managing Director – Technology (Acquisitions & Investments). Responsible for all aspects of investigating, acquiring and shepherding New Technology acquisitions for Clarke Capital. This includes policy formation and application in terms of our acquisition assessment and methodologies; working with our strategic and legal teams to ensure that the acquisition/purchase process runs as seamlessly as possible; and creating positive net gains for Clarke Capital. The Managing Director - Technology (Acquisitions & Investments) will manage our positions in technology portfolio companies where we have minority positions, as well as companies in which we have larger ownership stakes. The individual in this role will head up our Miami office, reporting directly to the Chief Executive Officer of Clarke Capital and the Advisory Board. The position will oversee 2-5 employees.

The Managing Director - Technology (Acquisitions & Investments) will in particular be responsible for the following duties:

1)    Building relationships with key people within tech industries to ensure good transfer of knowledge and to ensure that third parties understand Clarke Capital, and know how our values and systems determine the entities in which we will invest.

2)    Developing long-term relationships with each acquired tech entity and influencing their decisions and development through communication and advisements to an entity’s Board of Directors and executive team.

3)    Consulting with and advising the finance and management teams of each acquired entity in the creation of business plans, targets, maintenance of a business pipeline and projections, and depending on the particular acquisition, overseeing the company’s billing and cost structure.

4)    Providing leadership and management for the Miami office of Clarke Capital Partners LLC, in terms of its Technology & Acquisitions team, and providing leadership & direction for all people within the Tech Acquisitions and Investment teams.

5)    Helping Clarke Capital in setting a strategic vision for business acquisition, with a focus on technology-based focus in New York, London, Central and Latin American

6)    Building and maintaining relationships with current and future fund shareholders.

7)    Consulting with Clarke Capital holding companies in a management setting to advise on creating development plans for the long-term future growth of companies, in particular, the Tech & Acquisitions division.

8)    Advising and creating along side the Boards of Directors, executives, and managers at Clarke Capital-acquired  companies on formulation and application of vision/innovation/design and strategic implementation plans for long-term growth of investment companies, in particular, the Tech & business development. Work involves the highest level of leadership, entrepreneurship, and executive skills.

9)    Guiding the  press and public and their perception/understanding of the latest technological advancements, through regular appearances as a tech acquisitions expert on television news programs and online and written media, as well as speaking at seminars and conferences.

10) Overseeing the acquisition and due diligence processes to ensure all laws are followed, regarding employment law, corporate law and securities law.

11) Reporting to the CEO and the Board of Directors, as well as to the other Managing Directors in the Company, on progress against the strategic and annual business plans on a regular basis.

12) Reporting on the annual plan monthly and reporting against the strategic plan two to three times a year, or as needed.

13) Developing long-term relationships with technology leaders in US, Europe and South America, influencing their decisions and development, building on existing relationships and knowledge of the field.

14) Attending and consulting at appropriate key meetings and events and conferences.

15) Keeping abreast and developing the team’s understanding and awareness of the latest techniques and trends in technology design, trends and research.

Job Requirements:

The candidate must have a bachelor’s degree (foreign equivalent accepted) in any social or hard science, combined with at least ten years of leadership experience in technology, marketing and business administration fields, and a track record of creating positive P&L returns. The Managing Director – Technology (Acquisitions & Investments) must have:

·       proven project leadership, with a proven track record of success within the Technology, Media or Telco space

·       experience in leadership of both hardware and software businesses

·       experience in strategic e-commerce management

·       experience in effective brand marketing

·       knowledge of technology field to develop long-term strategic relationships with clients, acquired entities and industry leaders

·       deep understanding of the marketing, sales, design and IT industries, and emerging specialisms and implications for the wider business environment

·       ability to manage and plan at both strategic and operational levels

·       a demonstrated ability to build relationships with a diverse group of technical and non-technical people

Travel to company headquarters in Provo, Utah, is required on a semi-annual basis. National and international travel required for the role, particularly throughout the Americas.

Please send your resume together with a cover letter to

SALARY: $160,000 per year plus standard corporate benefits and an opportunity for bonus.