Clarke Insurance services

Clarke Insurance Services is designed to help firms meet long-term policyholder obligations. We make good long-term investments that eliminate the risk affecting insurers allowing them to focus on and implement new business plans without distraction.

We have assembled a highly credible team with extensive experience in the insurance industry to create entities designed to accumulate specific types of insurance business. By focusing on a broad multi-dimensional insurance strategy, we bring the unique Clarke Capital perspective as operators first. Clarke Insurance Services is committed to providing customers the excellent service they deserve and expect throughout the lifetime of their contract. Delivering on promises made to customers is paramount, which is why we are dedicated to not just investors, but policyholders.

We take a long-term approach

Clarke Insurance Services is well-positioned to provide significant capital for transactions, taking into account the expected future profitability. Our investment strategy is to keep this capital invested for years to facilitate transaction approval from rating agencies and regulators.

Clarke Insurance Services’ competitive advantage and focus allows carriers to allocate less capital overall. Our operators first approach to this business enables us to address this market better than our competitors.