Clarke Insurance services

Clarke Insurance Services is designed to help firms meet long-term policyholder obligations. We make meaningful long-term—sometimes multi-generational—allocations that eliminate the risk affecting insurers, which allows management to focus on and implement new lines of business plans without distractions of the near term.

We have assembled a world-class team from all corners of the insurance industry to create entities designed to accumulate specific types of insurance business. By focusing on a multi-dimensional insurance strategy, online expertise and growth we bring the unique Clarke Capital perspective as operators first. Clarke Insurance Services is committed to providing customers the exceptional service deserved and expected throughout the lifetime of their relationship. Delivering on promises made to customers is paramount, which is why we are dedicated to not just investors, but policyholders.

Clarke Insurance Services is positioned to provide significant capital for transactions. With a flexible mandate, Clarke’s strategy is to deploy with a multi-generational horizon, leveraging expertise to facilitate transaction approval from rating agencies and regulators.